15 Golf Course Marketing Ideas to Increase Revenue 10x Faster

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Golf Course Marketing

While managing revenues in your golf course you may feel like you are playing the proverbial 18th hole! What I mean to say is you may be struggling with a lack of sales and bookings as a golf course owner. But have you ever wondered what’s the reason behind your misery and how can you overcome it?

Here are 15 golf course marketing ideas to get at least a 10% rise in revenues from your golf course.

1. Create a website

There are many golf courses nowadays and the competition is rising very fast. You need to do something exceptional if you want to stand out from the crowd. You can start by creating a website for the golf course. You can do so much better marketing with just a website.

There are a few benefits for you to have your golf course website,

  • Your website can be found through search engines and different forums which will be a good long term marketing for your golf course.
  • People can receive the necessary information about the golf course from your website.
  • A website adds credibility to your business. It’ll make you more trust-worthy and eligible for business.
  • You can make a system where people can book their appointments on your website. That way there will be no hassle for any of the parties involved.
  • You can set up a subscription email on the website. People who will subscribe will instantly know about any change or events through email.

2. Launch a mobile app

It’s more convenient for a customer to look up your services through an app.

Officially, in 2019 there were about 5.11 billion unique mobile phone users in the world and approximately 2.71 billion of them are smartphone users.

There should be around 2.87 billion users of the smartphone in 2020. So launching a mobile app should get you a great deal of exposure to your business.

And as apps send push up notifications, it will be easier for you to promote your offers and reach them to your customers. Your apps should consist following features

  • Your recent offers and tournaments.
  • Players POS profile
  • Online booking method
  • Different kind of payment method

This will help your customers in booking your services. You will also not lose customers because they don’t have to waste time hustling to book your service. The only thing you need to do is spend a little in making the app.

3. Discounts on family and groups

People like to spend time in games and also love to spend time with family and friends. But often they have to choose between these two. How about an arrangement that mixes with it all? From a business point of view, these arrangements can help you boost up your business as it will increase your sale. All you need to do is

  • Keep some family bundle packages. Decrease the rate for children under 15. That way, families will be more likely to bring their kids along. And because of less expenditure, no one will want to lose the opportunity of spending their time with family alongside a game of golf.
  • Give some leeway for a group of 4 or so. That discount will be more enticing for a group of people wanting to spend time together.

4. Add-on for groups

Not everyone in a family or group likes to play golf. So when there is no additional activity in an offer, you end up losing one potential customer. So why not add some extra offers to lure more customers? Add on activities such as

  • Frisbee games for kids so they will be interested to join the elders and won’t get bored
  • Board games for women and elders who don’t play golf.
  • Gardens for sightseeing and taking photos. Visual beauty has always drawn people in.
  • Food items for enjoying meals with families in between games.

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5. Hosting tournaments

15 golf course marketing Ideas

Hosting a golf tournament can be taken into consideration to increase revenue. Because golf tournaments are known for their perks when it comes to profits.

  • Hosting tournaments will make you known among school, college and university students. This will expand your customer list and help you spread your network.
  •  Also, you can profit by taking a percentage of revenues from sources such as corporate sponsors.
  • Ticket sales, parking spots are extra profit from a tournament.

6. Partnership with local businesses

There is no doubt that many businessmen enjoy playing golf. Golf can bring huge potential for Business and networking. It offers a massive opportunity for the player to create extensive networks of friends. You get to know more and more people from these small circles.

One of the most beneficial relationships that a golf facility can create is nearby hotels and conference centers. You can offer special package rates if someone books by a hotel you have a partnership with. You can offer event centers to suggest your golf course to their customers by sharing a percentage of your profits with them.

That way you’ll be able to have customers from other businesses too.

For these establishments it can continuously experience the influx of potential visitors, it’s a perfect chance for local golf facilities to take advantage of. Again, Brand’s partnerships between golf clubs and other organizations are low-cost programs that can improve the image of the golf club entirely through affiliation alone, while at the same time generating real financial results.

7. Open a gift card service

Gift cards on the golf course is another way to earn money easily by putting in a little effort. All you need is to put a small advertisement on social media or send notice via emails.

Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, father’s days, and other seasonal holidays all are a perfect occasion for giving a game of golf to your favorite ones. You just have to remind people that giving a gift card, which includes a game of golf with food and relaxation services, is perfect for a joyous occasion. It also can earn you a lot overnight. Moreover, can help to promote your business to more people.

8. Replying to online reviews

People’s personal experience seems to be a more significant form of publicity for marketing than any other one. Nowadays these experiences are more prominent because of online reviews. And as almost 90% of people look into online reviews while paying for a service, they are an excellent opportunity to highlight the positive side of your business.

Sometimes people can also share their negative experiences too. If you fail to acknowledge those experiences, the potential customers who are looking at it will not be confident about getting your services. It might reflect poorly on your business. What you need to do is,

  • Reply positively with any kind of feedback.
  • If someone expresses their negative experience, be sure to be sincere about their issues and ensure them you will look into fixing those.
  • While replying to the positive reviews offers similar services to the ones people have enjoyed it.

9. Social media contests

Social media contests are the easiest way of marketing because everyone enjoys virtual contests held on social media from their home comfort. You can promote your courses on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

  • Create a contest and declare some giveaway prizes for the winner.
  • Set up conditions such as “like my page” and invite friends to like your page.
  • Ask them to share your page in different groups.
  • Ask them to mention 5 friends in the comments and comment as much as they can.
  • Ask them to share hashtag of your course-campaign
  • Select a winner and give him prizes

This will encourage people to spread your page among people and work as good publicity. It’ll help to gain more recognition for your business.

10. Seasonal holiday offers

Seasonal holiday offers can help you maximize your sale as everyone automatically enters the buying mode. So these offers can cause bulk sales of games. Seasonal holiday offers can include creating a festive look, gift cards, beverages, also flash sales of tickets.

This offers can help you by

  • Bringing you new and repeat customers for the future.
  • Sustain you in more quiet sale times.
  • Helps you build your network by interesting offers

11. Loyalty programs for customers

Some kind of leeway is always good for businesses. Think of who doesn’t want a buy-one-get-one offer? When it comes to golf, it’s no different either. Loyalty programs can be of different types. Such as,

Offers on buying a particular number: You can give away one free game per every five/ten-game a customer plays. That will encourage people to join more and more games.

Offer on the time length: Suppose if a player is a five-year-old customer of your golf course. You can especially offer them support.

These types of offers will encourage customers to come back for more. You can have built-in loyalty programs in your app. POS form can help you in selecting and keeping contacts with your most valuable customers.

12. Automated emails

Automated emails can be a great form of marketing strategy. If you are not familiar with automated email marketing, think of the emails you get from amazon when you leave products on carts or the emails of discounts you get on your birthdays. They work automatically by the pre-programmed POS data you submit while registering for any services.

Automated messages are personalized because they add a touch of customers’ preferences and interests. This helps in enticing the customers more.

Some ideas for automated emails can be:

  • Ask the customer how their experience in a particular game was. The reviews will help in growing your customer experience page and bringing in more customers.
  • Remind them how many days they have missed games.
  • Remind them the tournaments and special offers they will get in the following week
  • Give them special offers on birthdays or anniversaries. This may seem like a loss of profit. But special offers tend to bring more customers.

13. Booking Online

Booking should be made easy to attract more customers and user-friendly. The easiest way to do that is by creating an option for booking online. Booking online will help to maximize customer range because they will have these following benefits

  • People from far places can book your services without facing the trouble of making a visit.
  • It will help them book at any convenient time without having to worry about a business hour.
  • They will easily find the available tee times and can choose according to their convenience.
  • It will be easier for them to navigate through your other services and payments beforehand.

14. Giving golf course lessons

To broaden the range of customers, think about how to draw in potential customers too. Your future potential customers can be young adults and women. Golf lessons can help to bring in these customers.

You can spark the interests of youngsters who are still in colleges or are in new jobs, by arranging golf teaching problems. Golf is unknown and feared by many youngsters.

  •  Golf courses can teach them the game and give them the insight they need to join the golf club.
  •  Also, the added services will give them a place to spend time with friends. They will be more likely to take part after having experienced it all.

Women can be a huge part of customers if you can ease them into playing golf. Many women don’t play golf because they don’t know how to play or don’t have anyone to play with. These can be solved with golf courses and women-based tournaments. For instance, “Ladies Wine & Nine” leagues and “Ladies Only golf” clinics have proven to be a success.

15. Social Media Marketing:

In today’s world, social media plays a big role in determining the fate of all kinds of businesses. So it is very important for your golf course to have an active presence throughout all the social media. You may wonder, how will you keep up your social market strategy game going? Don’t worry, we got you. You can follow the following tips to strengthen your social market strategy-

  • First of all, you need to attract followers by posting different content. You can post different content like tips and tricks for golf, then see what kind of content people like more.
  • You can make a schedule where you will fix what type of content you are going to post and make the post seem interesting. If any kind of tournament or contest is happening in your golf course, then you need to post about that on all of your social media feeds.

Try these tips to bring invaluable customers and boost up the revenue from your golf course. But remember to use them in a smart way and don’t forget to provide good customer service along with natural friendly behavior. these golf course marketing ideas can help your business so try to implement them seriously these are proven tactics.

Dominique Taylor

Dominique Taylor

Founder & CEO of DT Advert

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