Top 10 Essentials of Healthcare Marketing

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Healthcare Marketing

We all know how important marketing is when it comes to online business. In this digitalization age, every industry is looking to adopt some marketing plans to make their position better in the competitive marketplace. If you have a healthcare business and thinking about essentials of healthcare marketing this post can really help you.

When it comes to the healthcare industry, it is not less than any other industry. It is one of the emerging industries which further needs focus and more agility. Now many healthcare networks are providing online services to the patients who are producing fruitful results. They are implementing healthcare marketing strategies that are proving of great advantage. Whenever one wants to boost their business, they practice marketing strategies.

Remember, poor marketing means hardships for your brand. Thus, it is crucial to realize the importance of a good marketing strategy and adopt one. It goes for healthcare too. You can’t succeed without having a proper marketing plan.

Are you also looking for the best healthcare marketing strategies? If yes! Then you’re in the right place. In this post, we’re going to discuss ten tactics of healthcare marketing.

Here are the ten essentials of healthcare marketing:

1. Know Your Healthcare Branding

It is essential that you first figure out what your brand is all about. What services does it offer? What makes it different from other medical practitioners. Identify your main goals and objectives because, with this, you can make a plan and work accordingly.

Although it might take much time, especially if you’re a startup or own an SMBs, however, if your business has been established for a long time, you should analyze where you’re lacking and start focusing on that particular area.

2. User-Friendly and Responsive Website

The website is a mandatory element for website and online marketing. It is the first step of marketing for new customers that can bring more opportunities for your business. Ensure your healthcare business has its website informing the people regarding your goals, objectives, and proof of success. A responsive healthcare website offers the best digital healthcare experience. You can make new customers who first got inspired by your website. Also, patients will be aware of any latest happening at your center, online book appointments, and resolve their queries without visiting the healthcare center.

3. Optimize Your Website

It’s customer nature that they want quick results. Suppose if your website is slow and takes a long time to load so, they’ll immediately move to your competitor’s website. To remain in the race of competition, you must optimize your website timely. It means that you must test your website for speed. Run your website through a speed test and ensure that the images you used on your site didn’t create any loading issues.

Secondly, incorporate the practice of SEO within your healthcare website. SEO is a handy tool to make your healthcare network on the top of the search engines. Use the correct and appropriate keywords or phrases ( like medical treatment and health professionals) that Google can easily understand and match your organization’s website.

4. Use PPC Ads for Healthcare Marketing

If you have allocated a considerable budget for your healthcare marketing campaign, you should also opt for pay-per-click advertisements. With this, your healthcare ad will be visible at the top of the search engine when patients enter any healthcare-related keyword, so your ad will appear first. With patients clicking on, it means more conversion and you fulfilling your goal.

5. Establish a Social Media Presence

Most hospitals and healthcare networks ignore investing in building any social media presence of their organization. They think so because they don’t have a budget or fall in their priority list.

Today’s era is the era of social media. Information in bulk is disseminated through social media. Businesses market their products and services through social media, and if you’re overlooking it, you are making a big mistake. At times, people ask recommendations about doctors or some other medical treatments on social media, especially Facebook.

Suppose you have a page of your hospital, so your loyal can suggest it to others. Also, people by themselves search nearby services and when they’ll find your network page so they will contact you and become your potential customers.

Make sure you have an active Facebook page that is updated from time to time. Include about us and review pages so; potential customers can have a better idea of your services.

6. Ask for Patients Review

Essentials of Healthcare Marketing

Reviews play an integral role in healthcare marketing. You can attract new customers when you get positive feedback on your services. Moreover, you get a clear idea of the areas which need improvements. Ask your patients for reviews.

Today, the best way to get reviews is to go with automated reviews as an essential part of medical practices and healthcare marketing plan. Provide a tablet to the patients when they visit the healthcare center and ask them to leave a review on both their website and Facebook page.

The review should be within the scale of 1-10. In both positive and negative reviews, a follow-up email should be sent to the customers to make them realize that their feedback matters.

7. Build a Healthy Relationship With Your Patients

Customer relationship is another essential area where negligence can’t be tolerated. It forms another significant aspect of healthcare marketing.

Take follow up from your patients after their visit. Do send reminder emails and newsletters, or adopt any other way to maintain a positive healthcare relationship. You can also send them a birthday or get well soon cards. This will not just make them happy, but they’ll appreciate your gesture and might recommend it to friends and family.

8. Keep track of Your Marketing Strategy.

To excel in your healthcare business, it’s essential to monitor your healthcare marketing strategies. It would be best if you studied your performance analytics and evaluated your performance based on it. There are several ways of doing it. Like for example, you can use an online platform like Hubspot to track how well your marketing campaigns are working. You can also use Google Analytics to know where you rank in the search engine and what needs improvement

9. Conduct SWOT Analysis

Besides asking for patient reviews, conduct SWOT analysis bi-annually, or annually. This method gives more insight into strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, so it’s highly useful for healthcare marketing. It brings the main issues your healthcare system is going through and helps draft a plan to overcome each of the cons. It gives you a picture of your business and where it will be in the upcoming times based on its reputation.

Make sure when you’re in this phase, don’t underestimate your strengths and weaknesses.

10. Include Doctors Referrals Into Your Marketing Strategy

Make sure that you’re using doctors’ referrals into your healthcare marketing plan. It is vital and has a particular purpose too. Doctor references are a tactic to invite more new patients. Thus, don’t forget to add this to your checklist.

Towards the end, we are hopeful that you’re now aware of the essentials of healthcare marketing. We recommend following each of them for better success results.

Dominique Taylor

Dominique Taylor

Founder & CEO of DT Advert

Dominique Taylor is the Founder and CEO of DT Advert, a branding and marketing strategy and implementation agency helping CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs develop stronger personal, business and team brands.
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