11 Golf Course Advertising Ideas – You Can Try Now

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Golf Course Marketing

Advertising is a part of marketing. But why we use marketing and why this thing is so important? Golf Course Advertising Ideas are also a crucial step in golf course marketing.

Marketing is essential for gaining an audience in your business and without it, you cannot promote your product or your business in front of your targeted customers.

In our modern world, every platform needs advertisement. Because every field is flooded with competitors. If you want to win the race, you have to promote your business. So if you need more golfers in your golf course, you have to promote your Golf Course in front of them.

But, how do you do that?

There are many ways for that purpose and advertising your golf course is one of the main parts of it. If we think about an advertisement, some boring tv ads come into our mind. But the main topic is not that.

Advertisement is a large area of practical implication. If you don’t know anything about this field, don’t worry, I am giving you a clear vision about it.

Here are the some best Golf Course Advertising Ideas:

1. Use digital platforms

Random billboard advertisement has no meaning at this time. Nowadays a normal person wakes up with his smartphone and also goes to sleep with that. So a general user spends more than 10 hours on the web.

There are many top-level bloggers and influencers who use ads on their website. So you can display your ads on their website. And definitely, it gives you a lot of audiences.

Another main platform is social media.

This method of advertisement drives a lot of traffic on your Golf course page and website. And this traffics will convert to your customers.

In a Golf Course Advertisement campaign, you also have to use good quality photos and videos to attract your traffic. Visual satisfaction is the key point for advertising. Your content and element quality matters to attract golfers in your Golf course.

2. Social Media Marketing

Here is another good strategy for Golf Course Advertisement. For this, there are many strategies. You have to use your creativity for choosing your right strategy. It helps to create more interest in the customers about your golf course. Make some good content on the official social media page.

In social media sites, they have literally billions of users. They also have lots of data from those users, like users’ interest, location, search history, and many more.

You can show your service in their ad platforms in front of the right person. Of course, you will have to pay them for that service.

Here are a few social media platforms that you can use for your business.

a. Facebook

It is the most popular social media platform with over 2.7 billion active monthly users.

Write some content about golf tricks and tips, how to be a profession in Golf, Golfers’ career. It helps to attract people.

And also helps to promote your page and gaining a good face in customers’ society.

b. Pinterest

This platform is basically image-based and acts a lot like a search engine for images, in a sense. you can drive an immense amount of traffic through Pinterest if you do it correctly. And you can gain a lot of impressions and followers pretty quickly.

Google loves Pinterest traffic, so it helps to increase your ranking.

You can also use the booking button or booking option for the customers on social media. It makes your environment user friendly and improves your customer satisfaction.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization for your website is a crying need for website ranking. So why do you need SEO for golf course advertising?

There are billions of internet users in the world. In the present time, most of the people do not ask for suggestions. They just go to google or bing and search for the best Golf course near their area. So getting top at their search result is very important. Because more than 70% click goes on the first 5 results.

Ranking at the top in the search result is not so easy. There are millions of website pops up for a single topic.

And search engine optimization helps you to climb in the top. You have to make your website optimized for the search engines.

On the other hand, your website layout and theme are other important issues for your website to rank. We all know that the first impression is the best impression. You have to make your website attractive and informative about the Golf course. This helps you to make your visitor stay longer on your website. And the longer they stay on your site, the higher the chance is that they will book for your golf course.

SEO helps you to get organic traffic on your website. More traffic means more customers for your Golf course. Making an informative website about all your services ( Golf Course) for the customer also helps to improve your brand value.

4. Paid search traffic for nearby customers

The best option for getting nearby customers is using a paid search traffic. For this, google ads are the best option. Because they have the most traffic in the world.

When someone searches about the best golf course, google shows their result depending on their location.

So paid traffic really boosts your business to reach out to your customer.

5. Make your web presence user-friendly

Make your golf course services user friendly for the customers.

You can even make an app for your Golf course.

It will your customers with quick reservations and customer services.

Also, this will help them to notify about upcoming events and offers. It helps to send push notification for promotions to the other events.

This suggestion also works for your website. You have to make your website dynamic and user friendly.

It will help them browse through your service pages smoothly.

Podcast in your apps also helps to attract customers. It is more effective than blog and content. Here you can directly communicate with your audience.

The podcast helps them to hear frankly from you. Sometimes you can also make a podcast with Golf celebrities. It will give you the best advertisement for your golf course.

6. Make attractive content for Social media Platform

Making attractive videos about golfing and your golf course helps to entice the audience. Videos get more engagements than images.

You do not need to hire a professional filmmaker to make these videos. Just use your regular smartphone (mid-range or flagship device) phone for shooting these types of videos. Video content is a trend in the somatic world. Making short videos and clicks snaps for the Instagram platform helps in customer engagement. Truly saying, it boosts up your marketing strategies.

7. Text message and email marketing

Golf Course Advertising Ideas -- Email marketing

Automated emails and text messages help to get reviews from your players. This method is also for publicizing food and drink specials and also sending the discount code for the upcoming games.

There are too many software packages in the market that generates automated text and emails. So you should apply this system to your services. This gives a good face in your marketing.

8. Discounts and giveaways

Everybody loves discounts and giveaways. You can make a discount on some specific packages. Execute some monthly giveaways and discounts and it helps to grow your email database as well. It also helps you to promote your Golf Course. Not only that, it gives you a stronger customer network. Because everyone loves promotional offers.

9. Make different package

Charging the same fees makes a negative impact on the customers. You should make some different packages for the customers such as family packages, duo packages, etc. It gives you customer satisfaction. You can make a small discount for the group.

You should allow school trips and it gives you a free advertisement for your golf course. It also builds your brand followers and your brand value.

It creates a chance for their parents and teachers to visit your golf course. You can also make some loyalty program for your customers.

That will help to come back to your customer for another round. For this, there are many systems (like POS systems). It totally depends on your facilities and preferences.

10. Arrange social media contest and charity event

Social media contest is a good strategy for promoting your business. It helps to build interest in your golf course.

For building brand value on the social media platform, a contest is the best option. It also helps to tempt a new audience for your golf course.

Arranging a charity event helps to make a good face in your area. It is also important for supporting important topics. It will tell your customers that you care about them. This strategy will work as a game-changer for your goodwill and brand value.

11. Attractive posters and flyers

Flyers and posters are two common words in the advertisement.

Poorly designed posters and flyers are ignored by the users. SO you have to hire a graphics designer for making some good looking posters and flyers for your golf course.

There are also many options for advertising. But these topics are the major ones. These tips help you to get the right audience.

But above all, your service for your customers is the key factor for growing your business. So first you have to focus your customer services and then your marketing.

Dominique Taylor

Dominique Taylor

Founder & CEO of DT Advert

Dominique Taylor is the Founder and CEO of DT Advert, a branding and marketing strategy and implementation agency helping CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs develop stronger personal, business and team brands.
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