10 Tips For Better Golf Course Photography

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Golf Course Marketing

Who wouldn’t be impressed by all those amazing golf course photographs? With proper knowledge, anyone can take impressive golf course photographs, be it newbie or professional. But that’s where we often feel the lack of; ‘proper tips.’ In order to provide you with some useful tips and tricks, this article is all about the top 10 tips for better golf course photography.

Proper angling and horizontal shots can give you amazing feedback on pictures. Also, you can use modern equipment like drones and tripods to have a more powerful shot. Afterward, keeping a few basic photography tricks in mind will do the magic in your golf course photography.

Now let’s dive into details now!

Here are the top 10 tips for better Golf Course Photography

1. Take horizontal shots:

Horizontal shots can improve the quality of your golf course photo multiple times. As the golf course is a wide area, it’s better if you take the shot horizontally. Otherwise, the viewer won’t be able to enjoy the full view. The landscape mode is also suitable for use in every social platform nowadays. Taking the shot in the landscape mood will allow you to get the perfect balance of the picture. As a result, your photo will turn out to be too good!

2. Pick up the perfect time:

This trick will serve you a lot. If you are a professional photographer, you should know the impact of timing in a good photo. A good photographer always picks up the timing remembering a lot of things. For example, in the case of golf course shots, if you take photos at night or after evening, and if there is not enough light present, then the shot will be of no good to you. Also, natural light works as a significant effect on the photos. That’s why in the case of golf course photos, you should always capture the images in the sunrise or sunset, where the sun will act as a superb natural effect.

3. Try to keep it natural:

In this era of artificialities, we often forget to be realistic. But a golf course always requires it to be natural to attract people. That’s why an expert suggestion is to be as natural as you can be in case of golf course photos. You can ensure natural lighting and proper angling to make sure your image to be the best natural golf course photo ever. Nowadays, being genuine is another type of being unique. You can try to take the shot while players are playing. If you do this, every attempt the players take will give a natural feeling to your photos.

4. Make a good perspective:

The excellent quality of a good photographer is to maintain a good view. So, always use the power of your imagination to make the best out of your camera. A photographer should always imagine how the photo will turn out before capturing and positioning. So, in order to take the best picture of a golf course, you should use the power of your imagination too. Always try to take your photo from a good height where every part of the golf course is apparent in the picture. Also, focusing on a related object will help you too. You can try taking ground shots by focusing on your item. It’s a famous trick for taking golf course photos.

5. Remember the lighting:

As we said above, lighting is crucial while taking a shot of the golf course. Without proper lighting, your whole picture will be ruined. Furthermore, less lighting can destroy the picture quality too, no matter how high definition the camera you use is. Your camera lens needs proper lighting more than your powerful eyes. Subsequently, adequate lighting can reduce the post-processing efforts too. If you are shooting in the daylight, try taking the shot from the right height. Otherwise, manage artificial lights to serve your lighting purpose.

6. The rule of thirds:

If you are a professional photographer, you already know how important and fundamental this rule is in photography. Especially in golf course photography, it’s one of the most important tips to follow. If you are a newbie, the rule is; you have to break down the photo area in three portions, both horizontally and vertically. After doing so, you will get nine boxes. The whole point of doing this is to put the main object slightly far from the center so that you can give it a balanced effect. Try to apply this while taking golf course shots, because it’s very effective for a good outcome.

7. Try portrait mode:

Golf Course Photography

If you implement the portrait mode, your golf course picture will have a good depth of the photo. As a result, your photo will get more significance than other usual photos. The portrait mode works in an amazing way if you want to focus on a particular object on the field. Also, you will get a focused object as well as blurred background from the photo portrait mode. Usually, portrait mode is used to get a unique shot if you want to particularly focus on a product. So if you are shooting for business purposes in the golf course, the portrait mode will be very beneficial to you.

8. Implement creative compositions:

A good photo is all about a creative approach. If you can show your creativity in the photo, your photo will automatically be unique to others. That’s why try to be as creative and unique as possible while taking golf course photographs. The interesting thing is, you will get a lot of opportunities to be creative while taking the golf course photo. Because of the extended area and extraordinary opportunities, any photographer can make the best out of a golf course photography if he/she uses little tricks. Always remember that the slightest change in creativity can be the biggest change in the photo.

9. Avoid zooming:

During a golf course photography, we would suggest you avoid zooming because zooming can make your photo less attractive and approachable. Also, excessive zooming ruins the whole photo quality. It’s always suggested to use the natural zoom while shooting for the golf course photo. The natural zooming will provide a natural perspective to your picture. Moreover, it’s always better if you take the golf course photo from a wide area. Zooming the picture won’t allow you to take the shot from a wide area. That’s why it’s better if you avoid zooming while taking the golf course shot.

10. Don’t forget post-processing:

This is the last but an essential tip to follow. If you notice popular golf course photos, you will see a lot of post-work that has been done to those. Natural photos don’t always come as expected. In order to make the perfect photo, you have to do little editing after taking the shot. Although, it doesn’t require that much if you have already taken the photo correctly. But yet, post-processing can do a lot of magic in your golf course photo. Sometimes, even after following every photography technique properly, you may face some errors in the photo. It isn’t really the problem with your photography skill. Post procession can get your photo rid of those silly problems, resulting in a fantastic outcome.

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Few tools to help your golf course photography

Now that you know about our top 10 Tips For Better Golf Course Photography, you should also know about some photography tools to help you in your golf course photography.

Now, let’s talk about those tools:

  • Tripod: Without the help of a stable instrument, it’s quite hard to keep your camera stable during the golf course photo shoot. In that case, a tripod can serve you the most. If you don’t use a tripod during your golf course photography, you will get shaky and annoying pictures. So, you have to get a tripod for the stability of pictures.
  • Drone: As we mentioned above, golf course pictures will serve you with the best outcome if you take the picture from a good height. If you want to cover the whole area, you can take the help of a drone. Many photographers use photography drones to capture the best shot of a golf course.
  • High speed shooting camera: When you want to take natural players shot, you have to take multiple shots at a time. You won’t even get the time to think about the shot and set the camera. That’s why speedy camera feedback is what a golf course photographer requires the most.
  • Super telephoto lens: A super-telephoto lens will help you to get the most out of the photo. If you want to get a perfect shot as well as a detailed view, a super-telephoto lens will serve you. You can use the lens of 300mm or 400mm to serve your golf course photography purposes.

Final words

Now that you have got an elaborate idea on our 10 Tips for Better Golf Course Photography, we are sure that you can make your photos more beautiful. Try to implement all the tips into your skill, and we are sure that these will help you even if you are a beginner with your golf course photos. Golf course photography isn’t something critical that you should be worried about. We hope that all this information will help you further. Best of luck on your photography journey!

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